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Red tape, delays, high cost 

By Alyson Queen –  Twice in the same conversation, Jeff Frost has to pause and holler over to drivers attempting to park by his restaurant, The Wellington Diner. “That spot’s reserved for people with a special permit, you don’t want to get a ticket!” He knows his customers […]

Networking for Nerds comes to Kitchissippi

By Joseph Hutt – Whether you’re looking for recruitment opportunities or hoping to expand your own business, networking can be an important if daunting task. However, enduring a gauntlet of formal interviews simply isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and can prevent even the most talented people from putting […]

Ramping up accessibility in Kitchissippi

By Joseph Hutt –  While permanent accessibility fixtures can be costly to small businesses and bylaws difficult to navigate, there is a local organization providing a solution for businesses throughout Ottawa. On November 4, Stop Gap Ottawa, as part of their campaign to promote accessibility, made its first […]