Stop by the Wellington Butchery for your BBQ needs

Joel poses for a photo next to a meat counter and shelf in the store.
Joel Orlik, Wellington Butchery’s proprietor. Provided Photo.

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The Wellington Butchery has everything to make your summer BBQ a resounding success, including superior products at a very competitive price. 

“We work closely with our suppliers to keep our prices stable without sacrificing quality,” said Joel Orlik, Wellington Butchery’s proprietor. “You may be surprised at the value a local butcher can offer. You can enjoy steaks, kabobs, souvlaki and more — most at the same price as last summer.” 

Wellington Butchery offers variety and value – over 800 products from a family-owned butchery right in our neighbourhood. And, to keep everyone happy, they even have a few high-end vegetarian options made fresh in store. “We source the best product, then we age and trim it properly,” said Orlik. “We know all the cuts and how to cook them for the best flavour and tenderness. Don’t be afraid to ask us!” 

They carry the highest quality cuts of beef and everything else you need for the perfect barbecue. Recently, they started carrying all natural wood chips and charcoal for BBQs and smokers so that customers can find these conveniently in their neighborhood. They also have a great selection of cheese, premium deli meats, and great summer salads and sides to make your BBQ season simple and tasty. 

Butcher quality makes a difference. For example, Wellington Butchery grinds their beef from fresh whole pieces and only sells grain-fed air-chilled chicken, which always make for a much better burger or kabob. Not to mention that your steaks will be very tender and tasty. “We often hear that our steaks are the best our customers have ever had because they are well-marbled, well-aged and properly trimmed” says Orlik.

Did we mention their FREE delivery yet? Any order over $200 is delivered FREE. “We can now offer next day delivery on your online order,” explains Orlik. “City-wide, seven days a week.” 

 Wellington Butchery is celebrating their fifth year in Wellington West in June. “We appreciate how much the community has supported us”, says Orlik. And they support local, too, from offering products from local suppliers to supporting neighborhood events and the Elmdale Tennis Club.  

At the Wellington Butchery, local just tastes better. Visit us at 1333 Wellington St West –

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