Notre Dame High School: Locus Pro Omnes: ?A place for everyone

By Nelly Lienou Kamayou

Notre Dame High School welcomes students from Grade 7 all the way to Grade 12. As a result, it can be a challenge to ensure that everyone has a voice. This year’s Student Council has made it a focus to engage all students and to attempt to draw the broader community to the table. They are committed to giving everyone a voice, an opportunity to share their opinions and ideas, and listening and acting on the input they receive.

In this spirit, Student Council is running activities to help build community and bring all five grades together. Some students from the grades 7 and 8 panel shared their desire to have activities that focused on their peers specifically.

One such activity was the Notre Dame Haunted House. The hope was to get a few members of the staff, students and the community to participate in a fun Halloween activity. The turnout was far greater than the student organizers had expected. Student Council had created a spooky walk through the haunted house, karaoke was running in the library and pumpkin decorating was also on offer.

The students requested an activity that focussed on the younger grades and Student Council listened.

Student Council has also fielded requests by students to bring light to various issues facing different parts of the world. Notre Dame is a vibrant, diverse community, with representation from many different countries and cultures. This is a source of pride for many at the school. It’s also an opportunity to discuss and explore the many challenges that countries around the world are facing.

As such, Student Council decided to dedicate a week to exploring the challenges that one country is currently facing: the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Council decided to bring to light the atrocities that are occurring in the DRC. An information campaign is being planned with the hope of educating the school community and sparking conversation around the broader issues facing the country.

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, donations will be collected in support of organizations helping the people of the DRC and in exchange students will be able to wear the colours of the Congolese flag. As a school with a uniform code, an opportunity to wear something different is always welcomed.

Finally, Student Council listened to the students voicing a need for some fun. They will help bring holiday cheer to the school community by hosting a spirit week. This will run the last week before Christmas break. Activities at lunch, holiday music and a school dance are all on the agenda.

Our Notre Dame community would like to wish the Kitchissippi community a wonderful holiday season, filled with love and laughter.

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