Morris Formalwear calls Wellington West home for a century

Joseph Feldberg adjusts his tie in a mirror. Photo by Zenith Wolfe

By Zenith Wolfe

After almost a hundred years in business, the Feldberg family is about to hand off its Kitchissippi-based suit store to a fourth generation. 

Polish tailor Morris Feldberg first opened Morris Formalwear on the corner of Holland and Wellington in 1927. It was a tailoring business, until his grandson Samuel Feldberg took over the store in 1980 and expanded into the formalwear rental industry. Now at 1083 Wellington St. West, the store has built a reputation in the Kitchissippi community for its same-day suit rentals.

Samuel’s son, Joseph Feldberg, has been a Morris Formalwear sales representative for over a decade – since his early teens. He said the company’s reputation is a result of its on-site tailor, its on-premises inventory of more than over 7,000 suits, and its flexible service.

“You never see alterations being done on rentals (at big stores). They make you buy it and then they charge you for the alterations. Because we own all the inventory here, we, as a courtesy, will alter even the rentals at no charge,” Joseph said. “We want to make sure everyone’s happy. We’re a family business, and customer service is paramount.”

When the pandemic hit, the store’s physical location closed for two years. Joseph said the lack of income wasn’t an issue since his family owns the building and its merchandise.

Rather, he said the biggest challenge was being unable to interact with the many people who walk through the doors. Joseph said he missed being able to help boost peoples’ enjoyment at weddings, galas and proms – events cancelled during the pandemic.

“These are happy moments, so for us to be able to leave a positive impact on every person that comes in is huge. That’s one of those driving factors that keeps you excited for that next person to come in,” Joseph said.

Samuel Feldberg and Joseph Feldberg pose for a photograph next to a rack of suits.
Samuel Feldberg (left) and Joseph Feldberg (right), pride themselves on dressing people for success. Photo by Zenith Wolfe

Now that the business is back in full swing, Joseph is more ready than ever to dress people for success. He has slowly taken on responsibilities in production, social media marketing, and management under the guidance of his father. He is poised to take over the business as a fourth-generation owner in just a few years.

Joseph said he’s proud to carry on the legacy of the store someday, but he’s even happier he gets to continue doing work he loves.

“If you’re just going to take something over because it’s been around for a hundred years, that’s the wrong reason. Business is hard enough to begin with, let alone if it’s not something you’re extremely passionate about,” he said. “I feel very blessed to be in a position that I have this kind of opportunity.”

Samuel said he has high hopes for his son. He said people in the community respect the store’s ethics and integrity, and he believes Joseph is versed enough in all aspects of the business to deliver that same quality of service.

“I’m proud of my son like my dad was proud of me, and like my grandfather was proud of my dad. It’s a very good feeling,” Samuel said.

Morris Formalwear is open Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 to 3. The company is planning a booth at the EY Centre bridal show April 1 and 2.

A burgundy and dark green suit sit on racks at Morris formalware.
Morris Formalwear has been in Kitchissippi for almost a century. The family-run suit shop is about to be passed down to the fourth generation. Photo by Zenith Wolfe

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