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The answer to our mystery might be found in this fire insurance plan map of the area from 1945.

A solution to our Kitchissippi mystery?

In the July 10 issue of KT, Bob Grainger’s column presented a Kitchissippi mystery. Early aerial photographs of the Champlain Bridge showed two different approaches, and we asked readers for their thoughts on the issue. This response is from local historian, Dave Allston: The double approach to the Champlain […]

Click image to enlarge. This aerial photo of McKellar Park Golf Club shows the area it occupied in 1932. Carling Avenue, at the bottom of the photo, was the southern boundary. The eastern boundary of the club was a line mid-way between Fraser and Denbury Avenues. The western boundary is approximated by Redwood Avenue in the north, a piece of present-day Sherburne Avenue in the middle, and Manitou Drive in the southern part. The northern border of the golf club was quite irregular, falling between Dovercourt and Keenan Avenues. Windemere Avenue, previously known as 4th Avenue, divided the golf club into two parts, with the front nine holes to the east of Windemere and the back nine holes to the west.

18 holes in McKellar Park

By Bob Grainger – For years, residents of McKellar Park have been unearthing golf balls when they dig in their gardens. They are relics from the past, as over 60 years ago the entire neighbourhood was occupied by McKellar Park Golf Club. The golf course opened in 1928. […]

This street map of Ottawa published by the Tourism and Convention Bureau in 1963 shows where Banting Avenue used to be.

The street that time erased

This column is dedicated to the memory of a good friend, Grace (Waterman) Soubliere. For the first half of the 20th century, there was a small community of houses along the Ottawa River at the very end of Mansfield Avenue.  The only approach to this community was to […]

Hot times for Westboro Beach

The focus of last month’s column was the Trocadero dance hall at Westboro Beach. This month, despite the snow and sub-zero temperatures outside, we’re continuing our look at the development of Westboro Beach and the community’s involvement in regards to its use. It is impossible to date the […]

Late nights at “the Troc”

We’re very happy to introduce a new local history column by Bob Grainger. Bob is a retired federal public servant who discovered an interest in local history.  KT readers may already know him through his book, Early days in Westboro Beach – Images and Reflections. He’s also part […]

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