Notre Dame high school: Top students honoured

Submitted by Victory Kaly and ?Erin Donahue-Boyle

On Wednesday, October 16, Notre Dame High School held our annual Fall Awards Ceremony. We came together as a community to celebrate the academic achievements of last year’s Grade 9, 10 and 11 students. Awards were given out in four different categories. They included: honour roll, subject awards, math competitions and highest overall averages in each grade.

To be included on the honour roll, a student had to achieve an overall average of 80% or greater. We had 91 students who made the honour roll. Each student received a certificate commemorating their achievement.

The subject awards were given to students who had the highest academic grade in a given subject area. Subject award recipients received medallions that included their name, subject and the mark that they earned in the class.

Every year, the University of Waterloo holds a very prestigious Canada-wide math competition for each high school grade. An estimated 65,000 students from approximately 1,400 schools take part. A Certificate of Distinction is awarded to students ranking in the top 25% of all contestants in Canada. Notre Dame had 10 recipients. They included three students in Grade 9 and three students in Grade 10. Eric deKemp and Nelly Lienou Kamayou were among the award recipients in Grade 11. Finally, as a Grade 10 student, Stephen Tran wrote the Grade 12 Euclid math contest. He was ranked 1st in our school. Stephen was also awarded the Waterloo Math Contest School Champion Award, quite an accomplishment.

Finally, awards were given to the students with the highest overall averages in each grade. Grade 9 recipients were Malcolm Smith with an average of 90%, Denise Abundo with an average of 90.25% and Kimlan Huyen with an overall average of 91.25%. Grade 10 recipients were Tamara (who didn’t want her last name included) with a 91.94% overall average, Galeno Sousa with an average of 93.25% and Daisy Thang with an overall average of 95.14%. Our Grade 11 recipients were Catherine Dang with an average of 93.13%, Eric deKemp with an overall average of 94.25% and Erin Donahue-Boyle with an overall average of 97.75%.

We are incredibly proud of all of our 113 award recipients. The hard work, dedication to academic excellence and commitment to learning shown by these students was celebrated and acknowledged by all who were in attendance. Well done and keep up the great work!

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