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HOK #17 – Ben Holland

Meet Ben Holland. “Local people tend to know me as ‘the Lego guy’ but what people might not know is that I’m also a Quidditch player. About 6 or 7 year ago I was hanging out at Carleton University and found out that they had a Quidditch team. […]

HOK #14 – Jasmine Joshua

Meet Jasmine Joshua. “I love soccer, it’s one of my favourite sports because it’s fun and I can play with my friends. My team is the Fisher Park Dragons. We’re doing pretty well so far. We won today and I’ve scored two goals already this season. I play basketball […]

HOK #012 – Emma Christie

Meet Emma Christie. “I started gymnastics when I was three – I’m 16 now, but didn’t go into competitive until I was eight, which is really late. Usually you would go into the ‘petite elite’ when you are around five. I had a lot of skills to learn, so […]

HOK #011 – Colleen Lowrie

Meet Colleen Lowrie. “I had a first date all around this area. We were down at Westboro Beach, walking along the water and then we went for dinner. It was really nice, but super tense because we were going from being friends to being more, and neither of us […]

HOK #009 – Brian Wheeler

Meet Brian Wheeler. “My name is Brian Wheeler – ironic really as I’m a bike mechanic! About four years ago I was living in the Glebe, working as a barista at the Wild Oat, and I decided that I needed to make a change. I sold everything I own […]

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