Tag: Bhavana Gopinath

Finding community amid change

By Bhavana Gopinath – Taiga, the non-profit housing apartment complex at Scott Street, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. From its vantage spot behind Newport restaurant, Taiga bears witness to the changes in Westboro in recent years: modest homes have given way to condos and infills, and many […]

Open Doors, Open Hearts

By Bhavana Gopinath –  It’s a steady stream of visitors at The Ottawa Muslim Association’s “Open Doors, Open Hearts” event at the Ottawa Mosque on March 11. Despite the bitter cold, people took the time to support their Muslim brethren and to learn about a religion that is […]

A journey to healing

By Bhavana Gopinath –  Since 2001, Coleen Scott has dedicated her life to helping the marginalized Karen people of Thailand. She and the organization she founded, Karen Learning and Education Opportunities (KLEO) run Jen’s House, a safe house and school for Karen children in the Chiang Mai region […]

A love for reading that started early

By Bhavana Gopinath –  Dr. Dan Hwang of Westboro Station Dental has happy childhood memories of spending Saturday mornings at the library, immersed in its treasures.  He remembers enjoying Gordon Korman and Roald Dahl, and trying out several Young Adult authors.  Browsing the library was an adventure in […]

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