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Travel is the ultimate experience. Venturing across the world into the unknown, seeing new sights, and talking to new people enriches your mind like nothing else. Even going somewhere closer to home can be exciting, as long as it’s new.

When everyone wants to go to the same place though, it can get crowded, overdone, and expensive. That’s why as the summer travel season roars into full swing, Canadians are turning to “travel dupes” to find new destinations to beat the crowds (and not break the bank!).

Instead of visiting overcrowded destinations with inflated prices and too many tourists, Flight Centre recommends alternate destinations nearby, without that tourist markup:

1. Skip Paris – try Lyon or Bordeaux: Paris is abuzz with excitement for the 2024 Olympics, meaning large crowds and even larger prices. Instead, immerse yourself in the history of Lyon or walk the famed wine-growing region of Bordeaux for a quieter, quintessential French experience.

2. Skip the Amalfi Coast – try Ischia or Taormina: the Amalfi Coast is iconic for its stunning cliff-side scenery, but you’ll find more peace in Ischia’s hot springs and volcanic beaches. Looking for views? The hilltop town of Taormina’s dramatic cliffs are close to Mount Etna, sandy beaches and more.

3. Skip Barcelona – try Valencia: with art, food, history, and sports, Barcelona offers a lot, drawing in more tourists than residents each year. The capital of Valencia, which is also the birthplace of paella, offers the rich culture without the sky-high prices.

4. Skip Santorini – try Naxos or Rhodes: Most tourists wait hours for a photo of the iconic blue rooftops of Santorini. Skip the lines and snap a pic of the stunning whitewashed buildings in Naxos or take your time exploring the ancient ruins and modern resorts of Rhodes or Naxos.

 5. Skip London – try York or Cardiff: The largest city in the UK has a lot to offer, but with 30 million visitors each year, London can get cramped. Visit the walled city of York, or head to Cardiff, Wales, for quieter cities steeped in history, culture and more.

Flight Centre has a variety of different vacations and packages for every kind of traveler. Cruises to every major destination, all-inclusive resort packages, historical and cultural tours, car rentals, and more are all available on their website. They also have package deals that offer a bit of a discount on all-inclusive trips for singles, couples, or families.

Flight Centre is here to open the world to travelers without having to deal with huge crowds and costs. Since 1995, Flight Centre has been helping Canadians with family getaways, corporate retreats, and complicated events alike. Its parent company, Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG), is among the top five largest travel agencies in the world.

Travelers can explore their vacation options online at You can also visit Flight Centre’s in-person travel agency at 362 Richmond Road, Ottawa, or call 1(888)241-8925 to speak to a travel agent directly.

Skip the line and dupe your destination with Flight Centre.

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