Need to stain your deck? Make things easier with the right services from Randall’s

The Randall’s team poses for a photograph outside it’s Bank Street location.
The team at Randall’s. Provided photo.

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Before you tackle that tough deck-staining project, get everthing you need at Randall’s to do the job right.

Receiving the best advice and following it will yield the best results. “Proper wood surface preparation and a high quality coating are super important to the outcome of your project and the longevity of your wood surfaces,” says Randall’s owner, Marc Pilon. “The preparation for an exterior job is quite intensive and you’re investing in a high quality coating.” Performance of the coating will greatly depend on preparation, application, the location and use of the space. EASY maintenance is a priority, too.

The Randall’s team really knows stains and wants you to succeed. “The end result will be in clear view for all your friends and neighbours to see so you want to execute your project to the best of your ability and not have to redo anything. Ask us,” says Pilon. “Randall’s will take the time to make sure that you have all the information that you need.” 


Clean the deck with Allpro concentrated deck wash and rinse thoroughly to get all dirt off and to kill all the organics. (Organics show up as black discolouration spots when stain is applied.)

Sand thoroughly with 60 to 80 grit sandpaper. Stain within 24 hours so the wood pores do not close.

Always use a thick bristle brush to apply stain. A brush gets the stain down into the wood fibres. The goal is to apply as much stain as the wood will accept and brush off any excess. Some stains may require two coats, so labour time and weather need to be considered before starting.

Stain the skirting first. This will prevent the runs and drips from the deck surface from showing as dark streaks.

Apply stain on a dry overcast day, ideally, with the temperature between 10-25C. (Always follow the manufacturer’s application instructions!)

Having 24 hours of dry weather post staining is a must – or have a large tarp available if rain threatens.

Environmentally-friendly products? Yes. Randall’s has them. Canadian-owned stain companies such as C2 and Sansin offer water clean up products that are very environmentally friendly (yet stand up to our harsh Canadian climate).

Got a tough project? Ask the staff at Randall’s. They will custom match stains and can also refer customers to trusted contractors who specialize in exterior wood restoration. 

Randall’s is located at 555 Bank St. at the Queensway (FREE parking off Isabella St.). Visit or give them a call: 613.233.8441.

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