Am I too late for the spring market?

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Jen Stewart is with the Diane & Jen team. Provided photo.

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Finding the right time to buy or sell. It’s always one of the top questions realtors hear. If you’ve been asking that question to yourself, don’t worry. It’s not too late. But don’t wait much longer.

“April, May and June tend to be the busiest months for the real estate market,” says Jen Stewart. “The spring market is a time when families want to buy,” in order to get settled before school starts in the fall.  

Many people prefer to buy, sell and move during the good weather months, so springtime brings a confluence of buyers and sellers to the market. 

“Spring is also when many relocation buyers may be shopping,” adds Stewart. That part of the market includes various government departments and agencies. 

The best part? Interest rates appear to have peaked and are poised to start dropping this summer. Many buyers, including an influx of first-time buyers, are ready to buy. 

“It’s taken a bit of time to get to this point and have buyer confidence renewed,” says Jen, who is back in Ottawa after a once-in-a-lifetime dogsledding trip in northern Scandinavia, to raise money for the Ottawa Youth Services Bureau “More serious people are out shopping for houses and inventory is still low — especially in the more walkable areas like Kitchissippi.” 

Buyers are ready to enter the market, which means it’s a good time to purchase properties. 

“If you’ve got a really lovely yard or a swimming pool, it’s always better to showcase these things when they look the best,” adds Jen, who has just recently planted herbs in her garden. It’s May, so the time is now. 

Potential buyers like to imagine what their life will be like when they live in the house, so a nice deck or space to entertain outside is certainly a lot easier to imagine when it actually looks good in real life!

The bottom line is that there are no hard and fast rules. Every situation is different and it’s important to have realistic expectations and a professional realtor like Jen Stewart on your side.

Jen Stewart has over two decades of experience helping Westboro area buyers and sellers get results. 

Contact her at 613.795.9793 or email to ask questions and/or get your home listed. Don’t hesitate to ask Jen about her recent dog-sledding trip to Sweden.

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