Federal Update: New affordable housing coming to Gladstone

Yasir poses for a photo in Parkdale Park with his arms crossed.
A file photo of MP Yasir Naqvi. Photo by Ellen Bond.

Submitted by Yasir Naqvi, MP for Ottawa Centre

As we observe Remembrance Day this month, we commemorate and remember the lives that were lost serving our country at home and abroad defending our values and freedoms.

In Ottawa Centre, our local legions organize meaningful ceremonies in our community where residents can gather to honour our veterans, and remember those who sacrificed their lives. We are forever thankful to those who have served our country. Lest we forget.

Climate action

As Ottawa Centre residents, we know that rising costs of groceries, housing, and affordability continue to impact our lives daily. In good news, the Climate Action Incentive Rebate is being deposited in bank accounts across our community, and families should expect to see their rebate in their bank account.

The Climate Action Incentive Rebate ensures that big polluters pay their fair share, while returning money directly to families. And most households get more money back than they pay in, with low-income and middle-class families benefiting the most. It makes life more affordable, gives people an incentive to switch to cleaner options where available, and encourages the investment to create cleaner options where they don’t yet exist. If you haven’t received your rebate yet or have any questions about this benefit, please call my office.

Affordable housing

As our government works hard to make life more affordable, I am proud of the progress we have made, including our investments in affordable housing projects across Ottawa Centre. Last month, we celebrated the groundbreaking of the second phase of Mosaïq,thanks to the dedicated work of Ottawa Community Housing (OCH).

The federal government is proud to partner with OCH, to continue to address chronic homelessness and move the development of more affordable homes forward. There is a strong need for affordable and supportive housing in our city, especially for our most vulnerable. Thanks to this partnership, a total of 413 affordable homes are being built on the corner of Booth Street and Gladstone Avenue.

Mosaïq Ottawa will redefine affordable housing in Ottawa and create a new standard for design, sustainability, and community benefits. It will include mid-rise residential buildings and low-rise townhomes to offer a variety of housing options. It also focuses on indoor and outdoor amenities, convenient parking, bicycle facilities, storage, and a central park.

First time homeowners

Every Canadian who wants to, should be able to afford to own a home that meets their needs. In addition to making social housing more accessible, we are implementing measures to bring the dream of home ownership back within reach for Canadians.

Ottawa Centre residents can now open a First Time Homeowners Savings Account (FHSA) at their local financial institution. In order to do so, you must meet all of the following requirements at the time the account is opened: Be at least 18 years of age; not more than 71 years of age by Dec. 31 of the year; a resident of Canada and a first-time home buyer.

For the purpose of opening an FHSA, you will be considered to be a first-time home buyer if you did not, at any time in the preceding four calendar years, live in a home as your principal place of residence that either you owned or jointly owned.

You can open an FHSA through an FHSA at a bank, credit union, or a trust or insurance company. If you have any questions about this, please contact my office.

As we approach the end of the year, I am reflecting on the impact the cost of living has had on our community. Our government has prioritized investing in measures that will help Canadians get through these rising prices. We have built on the progress we have made since 2015 such as the Canada Child Benefit, $10-a-day child care, Canada Workers Benefit, Dental care for kids, Climate Action Incentive Rebate, Old Age Security, the elimination of interest on student loans, and more.

I would be pleased to hear your feedback on any of these programs. Let me know what has made a difference for you. As always, do not hesitate to contact my community office, we are here to help!

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