Community Photos: Season of change

October is here and Kitchissippi is full of bright colours!

Leaves are changing from green to red and yellow. At the Parkdale Market, orange pumpkins and purple mums are for sale.

Here is a look at how fall is being celebrated around Kitchissippi ward.

Orange pumpkins at the Parkdale Market.
Orange pumpkins at Parkdale Market. Photo by Charlie Senack.
An orange sunset over the river.
The sun sets over the Ottawa River on an Autumn day. Photo by Charlie Senack.
A yellow sunflower on a bright sunny day.
A sunflower brightens up Wellington West. Photo by Charlie Senack.
Leaves are on the ground on a bright sunny day.
Colourful leaves along the river shoreline. Photo by Charlie Senack.
Pumpkins for sale at Metro Grover. They are in a bin.
Pumpkins for sale at Wellington West’s Metro Grocer. Photo by Charlie Senack.
An up close photo showing a pot or red mums and a pot of white mums.
Red and white potted mums for sale at the Parkdale Market. Photo by Charlie Senack.
The Tunney’s Pasture skyline as seen at night.  The photo is taken from a high rise.
Tunney’s Pasture at night. Photo by Ellen Bond.
The Ottawa skyline on a bright sunny day. Parliament Hill can be seen alongside large office towers and the Bayview LRT Station.
The Ottawa skyline seen from a high rise in Kitchissippi. Photo by Ellen Bone.
Yellow and orange mum flowers are in a pot alongside pumpkins on Wellington Street West.
A colourful display outside Wellington West’s Thyme and Again. Photo by Charlie Senack.
Purple mom flowers are in the front. In the back is orange pumpkins surrounded by hay n
Pops of colour at the Parkdale Market. Photo by Charlie Senack.

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