Top dessert spots in Westboro and Wellington West

Many types of gelato are in a display case at Stella Luna.
Looking for a way to beat the heat? Kitchissippi is home to many great dessert spots where you can get a cool treat. Photo by Millie Farley.

By Millie Farley

Are you craving summer desserts now that it is getting hot in Ottawa? From ice cream to tarts, milkshakes to bubble tea and plenty more, here are 10 places to enjoy refreshing treats in Kitchissippi!

Stella Luna

Ice cream is always a summer hit. At Stella Luna, their pistachio flavour is what has the crowds coming. Look out for their strawberry and strawberry/cream flavours this June, made with fresh Ontario fruit. On top of ice cream, Stella Luna sells six different types of sorbet.

Merry Dairy

Merry Dairy is the perfect place to go to after work, school or even post-workout with your friends. They are best known for their ice cream, but they also sell sorbets, ice cream cakes, ice cream sandwiches, freezies and floats. Their flavours change regularly, so you can try something new every time you visit!

Different pastries sit in a display case.
Les Moulins La Fayette has iced tea, iced matcha and iced lattés. They also have a wide selection of baked goods. Photo by Millie Farley.

Les Moulins La Fayette

If ice cream is not your thing, why don’t you try some tarts and iced drinks for summertime? Les Moulins La Fayette has iced tea, iced matcha and iced lattés. You might enjoy one of those with an almond croissant, which is currently their most popular dessert. This is also a great bakery to visit for Father’s Day!

Thyme & Again

For June, their tarts are very summer-inspired, with citrus flavours, berries and plenty of colour. This bakery also makes s’more tarts for those who can’t get enough of these classic campfire treats. Recently, their strawberry mousse tart has been particularly popular, followed by plain or milk chocolate shortbread, which is a fan favourite year round. A big portion of their desserts are gluten free, and their gluten-free tiramisu — which comes in both cakes and jars — is well worth a try. 

Juice Dudez

Juice Dudez is the perfect place to go for refreshing drinks. As the name suggests, they sell a whole lot of juice, as well as smoothies, ice cream and even crêpes. Their most popular drink is Rainbow Dude – strawberry and mango juice with a mix of fruit chunks. It’s colourful, fruity, and delicious!

Strawberry Blonde Bakery

Their summer menu has started! Strawberry Blonde Bakery focuses on creating food for people with certain dietary restrictions. Everything they sell is vegan, nut-free, gluten-free and kosher. Currently, everyone is loving their cinnamon rolls. But if you are looking for something more fit for hot weather, give their frozen hot chocolate a try! They sell a number of other cold drinks, such as iced lattés, Italian sodas, steeped iced tea and cold brew coffee.

The exterior of Wedel - Touch of Europe.
Wedel – Touch of Europe is located at 300 Richmond Rd. Photo by Millie Farley.

Wedel – Touch of Europe

They are ready to provide much-needed gelato and vegan dark chocolate ice cream! Wedel – Touch of Europe’s most popular flavour is mango. They are also a grocery store, selling lots of European food and pastries as well. Their cheesecake is a customer favourite.

Trú Tea – Bubble Tea Refined

Did you just go shopping at the Canadian Superstore and feel the need to have some bubble tea? Trú Tea is right across the street with some fresh bubble tea for you! Their most popular drinks are golden mango green tea and lychee dragon fruit miracle.

The exterior of Tru Tea on a nice spring day.
Tru Tea, located at 181 Richmond Rd, has a variety of bubble tea options. Photo by Millie Farley.

Little Jo Berry’s

Little Jo Berry’s sells dairy-free ice creams and milkshakes with classic flavours like chocolate, vanilla, mint and more. Their soft serve is quite the hit and they even offer watermelon wedges to add to your vanilla soft serve. Their most popular dessert is their homemade poptarts. The shop is completely dairy-free and also sells some gluten-free and soy-free food as well.

La Diperie

Last on our list is a soft serve ice cream place in Westboro. They have a large range of toppings and dips. A customer favourite is soft serve vanilla dipped in caramel and rolled in skor bits. They have sorbets and vegan ice cream which come in multiple flavours; lemon-lime, strawberry and raspberry to name a few.

Enjoy your cold desserts this June, Kitchissippi!

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