Community Photos: April showers bring May flowers

The snow is gone and the feeling of spring is finally here! Kitchissippi Times sent out photographer Ellen Bond to capture local residents who were out soaking in the sun.

A man rides the waves on a board at Remic Rapids.
A man goes boarding along Remic Rapids. Photo by Ellen Bond.
Blue flowers and green leaves start popping out of the ground.
Signs of spring are here. Photo by Ellen Bond.
A woman and a young boy out for a bike ride on a bike path. It’s a sunny day.
Late April sunshine was a perfect time to go for a bike ride. Photo by Ellen Bond.
Two women walk a dog on a bike bath near the Ottawa River.
The sun is always a great excuse to get outside. Photo by Ellen Bond.
Yellow daffodils blooming out of the ground.
Daffodils make their yearly appearance in Westboro. Photo by Ellen Bond.
A man paddle boarding at Remic Rapids. The bridge is in the distance to the top left.
High water levels made for fun boarding along Remic Rapids. Photo by Ellen Bond.
A woman wearing a pink shirt smiles as she bikes down a path. A person can barely be seen behind her, also on a bicycle.
All smiles during one of the first bike rides of the season. Photo by Ellen Bond.

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