Notre Dame High School Corner: Ending one chapter and starting another

A photo of Iya standing next to a white wall. She’s wearing glasses and is smiling.
A provided photo of Iya Mendoza.

By Iya Mendoza

When the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, it began a countdown for Grade 12 students. 

The start of a new year promises new experiences, adventures and beginnings. It is a time of unpredictability yet excitement, of reflection yet anticipation, of suspense yet thrill. 

For high school seniors, these words would be an understatement to describe the rush of emotions this time of year provokes. The new year does not only mark the start of something new, but also the imminent end of something that has arguably been the core of our lives.

I have been a student at Notre Dame High School since 2017; I have been studying here for what will soon be more than a third of my life. It is safe to say this school has become a significant part of my identity. My teachers have sparked my aspirations and taught me how to live a life of learning. The friendships I have formed are ones I will never take for granted. 

The graduation countdown is not just a rush to the end; it entails taking in every last little piece of high school before it is over, and celebrating every second here.

This time of year is often tense and busy. Seemingly endless to-do lists, deadlines and packed schedules are focal points in our day-to-day lives. While these realities often cloud our ability to think about anything else, one thought lingers in each of our minds: high school is almost over.

This means the last exam, the last presentation, the last test review at 5 a.m. and the last essay submission at midnight. It also means the last light-hearted conversation at the lunch table. The last hallway detour to catch up with your favourite teacher. The last time being in the same room as the people you have practically grown up with.

It is a universal truth that many things are temporary, and life is both fast-paced and precious. It is time we take in every moment of it.

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