Excavator connects with hydro lines during LRT construction

A look at construction machinery at the LRT construction site. It’s a dull day.
A look at the light rail transit construction near Byron Avenue. Photo by Ellen Bond.

By Charlie Senack

Lights flickered for many homes near light rail transit construction near Byron Ave, Saturday morning, after an excavator connected with hydro lines.

Some residents who live in the area off of Woodroffe said they saw a “big light and explosion” before their electricity went off.

“My lights keep flickering. This is scary!,” commented one Facebook user.

“Omg! My lights flickered and I thought it was so odd. I hope everything is okay!!,” responded another.

Officials are asking people to avoid Byron Ave, until the emergency crews are gone. An update posted to Facebook around 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning said a fence was still electrified.

Bay ward city councillor Theresa Kavanagh said there were no reported injuries.

This is a developing story.

A orange ball of flames comes out of the LRT construction site on Byron.
A photo posted to Facebook showed flames and smoke coming from the LRT construction site. Unknown Facebook credit.

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