Nepean High School Curling Team takes on provincials

Four girls wearing purple hoodies pose for a photograph inside a curling rink. They are holding a plaque.
The Nepean High School curling team. (provided photo)

By Arielle Hughes

The Nepean High School girls curling team is heading to North Bay for the provincial championships following an 11-4 win against St. Marks. 

The team consists of Vera Oldfield, lead; Lukia Musyka, second; Zoe McNeil, vice; and Sarah Adair, skip. While all four girls started playing as kids in families who were curlers, all say the most exciting thing is the team community they built and being able to represent their school in the championships.

“I think, just being all together and having that experience to be at provincials, have a good time to play against teams we’ve never met and different types of games” said Musyka. 

The championships is a learning opportunity as well, with Oldfield being a team newcomer this year. The trip to North Bay will allow the team more time to get to know each other and try new things.

And, “out of all of this district it’s our school that gets to go, and I think that’s so cool,” Oldfieldsaid.

Playing in the Ontario Championships is a big accomplishment for this team, and their coach Tara Topping credits their attitude. 

“They just don’t take themselves too seriously, and I think it’s a huge part of their success is they’re not afraid to get down. They give up points and then they’re just smiling and laughing until they get them back” she said. “For these guys to talk all the time and have that positive attitude, I think is really important.”

The team will compete from March 22 to 25, and return home with new strategies, memories, and potentially a championship title.

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