Nepean High School corner: Celebrating normalcy for our final high school year

By Nina Beck and Georgia Jones

Grade 12 students at Nepean High School are making the most out of their final year.

The COVID-19 pandemic erased most of the “traditional” high school experience for the class of 2023, but with life returning to a new sense of normal, this year’s seniors have been given the chance for new opportunities.

For Student Council co-presidents Hattie Mccullough and Ella Durno, this comes with a newfound responsibility of rebuilding the school’s community as we emerge from the depths of the pandemic. Having spent much of the past two years online in altered routines, many Ontario schools – including Nepean – have experienced a lost sense of school community and spirit. 

As co-presidents, Mccullough and Durno are responsible for delegating tasks and acting as liaisons between the countless departments, committees, and clubs of Nepean High School. Although the school offers a wide variety of opportunities and activities for students to partake in, not many are aware of how to get involved.

Nepean High School student council co-presidents Hattie Mccullough and Ella Durno. Submitted

The student council’s aim this year is to have more of a connected feeling in our school community and to bring people together. High school is a chance for people to make memories that last a lifetime.

Without having the traditional high school experience ourselves, Nepean’s Student Council is working through the challenges to build on connections. To up participation, we have increased our school’s social media presence and are organizing opportunities for in-person student involvement. 

Another significant goal for the student council is to restore school community spirit. When online learning took over in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, participation and club involvement became almost defunct. While some were able to continue over Zoom and by other means, participation was low and the experience wasn’t the same. 

Students’ habits have changed significantly following the pandemic and life is moving on. We are busy preparing to hold pep rallies, coffeehouses, dances, and spirit weeks. To top it off, Nepean’s student council is working towards hosting a schoolwide mental-health awareness assembly, another issue the importance of which has been highlighted by the pandemic. 

The student council is committed to being a strong voice for Nepean High School students and we are excited to see what this year brings. Let’s make memories that will last a lifetime!

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