Carlingwood-area home takes on “Stranger Things” with iconic Halloween display

By Charlie Senack

Vecna might soon be visiting the Woodpark neighbourhood after one family took Halloween to the next level.

Patrick McCurdy and his two kids always look to celebrate Oct. 31 in a big way: This year they decided to recreate one of the most memorable scenes from season four of Netflix’s hit TV series, “Stranger Things.”

“My kids and I have a longtime tradition of always making Halloween costumes and displays,” said McCurdy. “I am a big fan of ‘Stranger Things’ and a big fan of Halloween. The fun part is actually working together to build something.”

McCurdy decided to recreate the scene where fan-favourite character Max Mayfield is levitating in the air while listening to a Sony walkman. She tries to escape the hands of Vecna, the main antagonist looking to cause havoc in Hawkins. 

The near life-size body of Mayfield was built primarily from items picked up at thrift stores around the community. The red Vans shoes were from Goodwill and the blue sweater – with strips of coloured tape added to make it look more realistic – is from Value Village. 

A near life size version of Stranger things character Max z mayfield floats above the front yard of a home
A near life-size version of Max Mayfield from Stranger Things hangs from a basketball net to the bedroom window with a fish line. Photo by Charlie Senack

It hangs from the family’s basketball net to their master bedroom window with fishing wire. 

“Max is probably one of my favourite characters and the scene is just so iconic,” said McCurdy. “My kids haven’t even watched ‘Stranger Things’ but they know the scene and the music.”

In the fourth episode of season four, Mayfield struggles to stay in the mortal world after being chased by Vecna. The only way to escape is by listening to her favourite music. The scene is set to Kate Bush’s 1985 song “Running up that Hill,” which put the British singer back on the top 100 music charts. Memories from the 15-year-old’s life flash around her. 

McCurdy says he got the idea for a “Stranger Things” Halloween theme after a similar setup went viral on TikTok. 

While the Kitchissippi-area display is lesser in scale, McCurdy hopes it will resonate with fans of the show. 

“For me this was about family time and doing something we could work on together,” said McCurdy. “Everyone has loved it and a friend of ours even showed a picture to her uncle who is executive producer on the show. He thought it was really neat.”

A dragon, mummy, and a styrofoam body of Stranger Things Character Max Mayfield is on display outside of a home for Halloween
The Carlingwood-area home looks to create a unique Halloween display every year. Photo by Charlie Senack

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