Anatomy Physiotherapy practice opens Westboro branch

Kamil Dlugosz is the co-owner of Anatomy Physiotherapy’s Westboro branch. Photo courtesy of Anatomy Physiotherapy Clinic.

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Anatomy Physiotherapy has opened a new branch in the Westboro area, the fourth location to open since 2019. They offer various services such as physical therapy, exercise therapy, TMJ (jaw) therapy, vestibular therapy, pelvic floor therapy and dry needling among others. But beyond that, their focus is connecting with the community and personalizing their treatment of each patient.

“We’re trying to take a different approach to physiotherapy whereby it’s a bit more personalized, more catered, and it’s very much based on the community feedback, patient feedback and staff feedback,” co-owner and physiotherapist Kamil Dlugosz said.

Andrew Dings opened the first Anatomy Physiotherapy location just before the COVID-19 pandemic, and Kamil joined when Andrew was looking for someone to partner with in the new Westboro location. Andrew works at all four locations and specializes in running-related sports injuries, while Kamil works at the Westboro location and specializes in exercise therapy for a wide variety of recreational and competitive athletes. On a more personal side Andrew is an avid volleyball player and curler while Kamil is involved in the local martial arts, skiing, and cycling scenes. He has a six-year-old son who loves sports as much as he does.

The Westboro location will have several outreach initiatives, such as a community board and an area for local artists to display their work. Kamil said they don’t want to just be another business on the strip: they want to connect with the community and offer a familiar, welcoming service, especially for people who maybe aren’t as comfortable speaking English or French.

“My family came here from Poland as refugees in 1990, and I can offer services in English, French and Polish. I would love to connect more with the Polish community,” Kamil said. 

He knows from his own family’s experience as newcomers that navigating health services in your second language can be difficult and stressful. 

“Some people may not feel comfortable always speaking in English or French in a health care setting, and I don’t know of many physiotherapy providers offering services in other languages. There’s a growing need for multilingual services in health care, particularly considering the growing Ukrainian community in Ottawa as well.”

Anatomy Physiotherapy has locations in Orleans, St. Laurent, Stittsville, and now Westboro (205 Richmond Rd., Unit 109). Kamil has high hopes that the compassionate, specialized care they offer to people from diverse backgrounds will resonate with all members of the community. 

“We’re here to support our patients’ health and their quality of life,” said Kamil. “There’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone overcome an injury, for example, and [seeing] them get back to the activities that bring joy and meaning to their lives, whether it’s playing competitive sports or just carrying their kids or grandkids on their shoulders or [running] around with them in the park.”

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