Modern Square Dancing: Why would I do that?

Photo by Meri Squares.

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Looking for a way to keep your step-count up during the fall and winter? Not interested in skiing, skating, or being a cold-weather jogger? Need to add something new to your exercise program but don’t want to go to the gym and you have no room for a treadmill or stationary bike? You should try modern square dancing.

WAIT, don’t leave! Read on … Were pictures of crinolines, Western shirts, and old-time music running through your mind? No more! Square dancing has joined the 21 st century: casual clothes, modern music, and FUN! Do you like Classic Rock music? New country? Top 40 hits? Rock ‘n Roll? Do you know your left from your right? Can you count to 5? Can you walk briskly? Then modern square dancing is perfect for you!

Modern square dancing is a fun, fast paced and social. We dance in groups of eight people (4 couples) – but you don’t need a partner to join. You’ll meet all sorts of people: young people, empty nesters, retirees. So, come as a couple, a single, or a group of friends. Everyone is welcome. Each dance night you will learn different steps or calls. The dance leader then strings the calls together in a danceable order and dancers must react and work together to execute the sequence as the calls are given. Our dance leaders are great teachers: they are very patient in making sure you learn the calls before they are used in a dance!

Square dancing is great physically. It will make your Fitbit go wild – you will easily register 5,000 steps in a normal two-hour dance night! It’s a great way to enjoy some exercise that is too much fun to be called exercise!

Meri Squares Square Dance Club dances in central Ottawa. We offer an introductory program (“Social Square Dancing” – the name says it all!) for new dancers on Tuesday evenings this fall.

We will have you dancing up a storm to great music with new friends in no time at all.

Join us at our free Kick-Off Dance on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 7:00 PM at the J.A. Dulude Arena, 941 Clyde Ave., Ottawa.

Meet new people. Dance to great music. Get fit. Have fun! Check out our website at or contact Lamar at 613-221-9188 or for more information.

Lamar Mason is President of Meri Squares, a modern square dance club and has been an avid dancer since 2009.

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