When is it time to downsize your home?

Susan Chell’s team can help you if you’ve made the decision to downsize in Ottawa. File photo.

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Downsizing your home can seem like a daunting task: the process of decluttering, neutralizing your home décor and letting go of sentimental items. There are different reasons for downsizing, some of our clients are tired of the constant maintenance their home requires, while others simply feel they have more house than they need. If this sounds at all like you, then it’s time to consider downsizing.

What kind of home fits you now, and in the next 10 years?

When working with clients through the downsizing process, it is important for us to understand what kind of home you want to purchase next – do you need space for guests, when your family comes to visit or returns from university? How about creating the dressing room you have always wanted? If you have been used to living in a large home, we can take the time introducing you to a selection of properties to really understand the criteria for your new home.

Releasing equity

If there is a financial motivation to downsize, we always talk clients through their options; a smaller home doesn’t necessarily mean releasing equity if you want a city centre condo with a view. It’s also important to look beyond the release of capital as you may be saving in terms of monthly bills, home repairs and seasonal expenses. Let’s also not forget the intangible value of simplifying your living arrangements that allows you to spend more time on the things you enjoy.

Letting go of the family home

All home sales are emotional, and if you are downsizing the family home this adds a whole other dimension. The kids may have flown the nest a decade ago, but can remain very attached to their childhood home. They may also have to be involved in the downsizing process as you declutter your home for sale, deciding what memories they wish to keep. Our team is patient and understanding of this process and will move at your pace. Many clients request that we do not use “for sale” signs and that any visits to see them are low-key so they can tell their community and family about their move, in their own time.

Juggling selling while buying

We have helped many clients move through this process, we have a fantastic network of suppliers including contractors for renovations and storage. This enables you to spend the time you need sorting through the items you want to keep, and allows you to respond to offers on your home without feeling rushed. All of this can be coordinated with the sale of your home by our expert team. Please get in touch to talk about selling your home or request a home evaluation.

If you are thinking about downsizing your home, we would be happy to discuss some options and ideas to better meet your lifestyle needs.

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