The WEST spring studio tour is back

The special spring tour is set for June 4-5. Photo courtesy of WEST.

Submitted by Pamela Stewart

The West End Studio Tour (WEST) is delighted to announce that they will be holding a special spring tour this year. Similar to last fall’s tour, it will be an open-air event. Artists will display their work outdoors on their properties.

Now in its 27th year, the tour will take place on one weekend: Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

With yet another pandemic winter behind them, the artists are happy and grateful to emerge with new works to unveil. One of the most gratifying aspects of these events is to be able to host visitors and neighbours and to connect with the community about art.

A downloadable and printable map of the studio locations are now available on the WEST website (, or tear out the map printed in this issue of Kitchissippi Times.

New on the tour this spring

We are delighted that Miriam Silburt is returning to the tour this year. Miriam is a fused glass artist, specializing in landscapes, functional objects and sculptural pieces. “Capturing the beauty I see in the natural world infuses all of the work that I do–both abstract and representative,” Miriam said. “Whether it’s a forest interior or a microscopic image of cellular life, I find endless inspiration in the colour and shapes that I see and wish to bring to life through glass.”

Returning artists: energy and inspiration

Margaret Chwialkowska works in oil. She paints “alla prima,” using a palette knife, permitting a loose, spontaneous style allowing texture to evolve naturally. The goal is to evoke the mood of a natural setting and to capture the feeling of being overwhelmed by the natural, almost magical beauty of a landscape.

Maciek Peter Kozlowski has dynamic new works to present, including a series of colourful geometric landscapes. There are also six large, 60” by 60”, colourful abstract pieces. And of course he will present legacy pieces from the Poppies collection, the Ghosts and Aliens collection, and other collections.

Lenka Culter specializes in oil painting and linocut printmaking. “Light is a constant influence,” Lenka says. “It shapes the story that unfolds. Am I painting or just dreaming in colour?”

Wendy Feldberg is a botanical ink artist. “My art is inspired by nature and made with plant-derived materials. I make prints, artist books, paintings, and embroideries. I also make natural inks from plants.”

Deirdre Herlihy works primarily in linocut and lithography. Increasingly drawn to landscape, her recent work explores the interconnectedness of the natural environment with human activity. “My art making celebrates the world around me: the urban landscape, including natural and developed areas.”

David W Jones is a professional Ottawa artist whose work has been displayed across Canada and in many other countries including Italy, Japan and throughout the USA. He loves the outdoors and painting en plein aire and his work reflects the mood and temperature of the environment. 

Joanne Pasieka is a digital fine art photographer and was new to the tour in the fall of 2021. This past winter, she began using live edge wood as beautiful canvases for her wildlife photos. As well she will unveil a series of fantasy composite prints titled “Changelings.” 

Pamela Stewart is a modern mixed media abstract artist. “Finding flow and zen is a little difficult right now. Thankfully, my art practice, as well as my open water swimming habit, is helping me occasionally find a cleansing mental breath and slight decompression. A lot of my work right now is filled with organic shapes, textures and colours that, while still abstract, are still infused with natural flow and life. There’s definitely an energy about them that will either energize or soothe depending on your mindset while taking them in.”

Venz Vesselinov’s creative output encompasses oil paintings, stained glass, prints and drawings. His vibrant and varied work reminds us of a sudden, still movement, left after an intimate party or a time spent with good friends, like in a dream.

Katherine Zarull, who was also new to the tour in 2021, paints in oil, acrylic and watercolour. From colourful and energetic to calm and peaceful, she shifts between realistic and abstraction creating timeless art. “I get excited painting detailed works but then I switch my medium and work in a looser freer style.”

This accomplished group of local artists looks forward to meeting everyone in June at their home studios. The WEST Spring 2022 tour is free to attend. 

For more information, please visit or contact Pamela Stewart:, 613-852-7263.

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