CPI Interiors: Building trust and delivering results in design and renovation 

The CPI Interiors team has been helping Ottawa customers for 24 years and counting. Photo courtesy of CPI Interiors.

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CPI Interiors is a family run, Ottawa firm known for being tried and true for 24 years for all your interior design and home renovation needs.

Husband and wife team Catherine and Jerome Pulcine bring together over 70 years of combined experience in the fields of interior design and project management. Along with their team of designers, consultants and installation specialists, CPI Interiors coordinates every aspect of the renovation project, providing their clients peace of mind that all of the necessary steps will be taken care of.

CPI Interiors works with a network of trusted contractors and trades providers to ensure that each job, from plumbing to electrical to cabinetry, is completed to the highest standard, on time and on budget.

“We definitely have a very collaborative effort and really do guide people through the entire process of a project,” says Catherine. “We work through the whole process with them to establish all of the different things going into that project. They know the total costs upfront and they know exactly what we are doing so that there are no surprises.” 

Most people can name a friend or family member who suffered through an out-of-control renovation that included hidden costs and unreliable timelines. CPI Interiors uses a proactive method to begin the process with an in-home consultation and inspection process to first understand the real costs and challenges presented by the design.

“We approach every project from the design point of view which starts with an initial in-home consultation which we do as a complimentary service for the client to get a sense of what it is they’re looking to do, what they like and dislike. We ask many, many questions to determine exactly what it is we’re all going to be doing and we listen carefully to the responses—we set the stage for the whole project,” says Catherine. “Then we have the contractor and the designer go in for a site meeting with the clients, and that’s when we would get all of the measurements, photos and ask more questions so that everyone’s on the same page and the client is feeling comfortable.”

CPI Interiors also makes use of digital tools like AutoCAD to present 3D mock ups of a client’s home and help them to visualize the size and proportions of various additions and furniture.

By taking control of the project, CPI Interiors ensures that their customers are always in the know and up to date on the progress at their home. 

“That’s probably the biggest thing that most of our clients say, is that we take the stress off of them,” says Catherine. “They know exactly what’s going to be going into each job, as well as they know the timeline that everything is going to follow, and advise them of that up front, the timelines are really important to us.”

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