Councillor’s Corner: Engagement opportunities and getting ready for spring

Kitchissippi Councillor Jeff Leiper is seen sitting at a table in Hintonburg. There is a sunny streetscape behind him.
Kitchissippi Times file photo.

Submitted by Jeff Leiper, Kitchissippi Ward Councillor

Welcome to March, Kitchissippi! While we all know that March never signals the end of winter, the days are getting a little longer and a little warmer, and it won’t be long until summer comes. Read on for updates about what’s happening in your city and community. 

I know the issue that has been top of mind over the past several weeks has been the occupation of Ottawa. I am appalled to hear near-daily reports of people facing verbal assault and harassment by people who are associated with or emboldened by this occupation. Thank you to everyone who has been emailing me to pass on what you’re witnessing and experiencing. 

The Hintonburg Community Association is organizing Walks for Safety in the evenings to provide a quiet presence around primary schools in the neighbourhood so kids and families can commute in peace. If you have an hour or so to spare, please contact them at to volunteer your time. 

Additionally, Horizon Ottawa is doing a great job keeping track of ongoing mutual aid initiatives and peaceful acts of community resistance. If you want to stay in the loop on those, follow Horizon Ottawa on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @HorizonOttawa. 

At City Hall, Engagement Series 2 for the Solid Waste Master Plan is getting underway this month. The engagement team will be hosting a variety of themed dialogue sessions, online surveys, and focus groups covering topics ranging from green bins in multi-unit residential buildings to managing garbage and recycling in city parks. Keep an eye on the upcoming sessions and sign up for email updates at 

In preparation for spring, the Westboro Beach Community Association is matching aspiring gardeners with no access to land with homeowners who have land that could be gardened! If you want to participate in this initiative, check out the Garden Sharing Network – Westboro group on Facebook. You can grow anything from fruits to flowers, as long as you share a portion of your bounty with the homeowner. 

Don’t forget to subscribe to my email newsletter to get weekly updates from the office and stay on top of virtual pop-up office hours; drop me a line at and we’ll get you signed up. Stay safe, Kitchissippi!

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