Empathy and service: The foundation of GEM Health Care Services

GEM Health Care Serivces was built on the foundation of empathy and service to clients says Founder Gaye Moffett. Kitchissippi Times file photo.

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GEM Health Care Services has been serving its community since 1994, making home care easy for its clients and families.

When Gaye Moffett founded GEM, she was a professional nurse with over 20 years of experience, a single mother of two teenagers and newly unemployed. But she wasn’t the kind of person to stay down. On the drive home from being told she’d lost a job, Gaye was struck with an epiphany: “Why don’t I just do this myself?”

So drawing on her outgoing personality, industry contacts and her years of real world experience, Gaye followed her family’s encouragement to “go for it.”

GEM was built on the foundation of empathy and service to their clients.

 “It’s the family approach, that caring approach that we take with every person that we work with, we’re really high on the empathy score around here,” says Gaye. “I really get to know the clients and take a personal approach to find out what their true needs are and learn how I can provide the levels of services that they need.”

Family very much comes first at GEM, and that can be seen first hand in the relationship between Gaye and her son Gavin, who has worked alongside his Mom for 22 years and has grown into the role of Chief Operating Officer at the company.

GEM is proud to be ISO Certified 9001 for Healthcare, the most recognized international quality standard for patient satisfaction.

The services that GEM provides allow individuals to remain in their home and live their best quality of life. 

 “Home is where people want to be,” says Gaye. 

 And GEM facilitates this by offering a wide ranging scope of services, everything from simple meal preparation, house cleaning and assistance with personal care, foot care and wound care by nurses, up to daily complex nursing care. 

Most families will find that government services will not meet all of their loved one’s needs for home care, and that’s where family retained services come in. Gavin says that in most situations, clients will find that family retained home care works out to a very similar, or even cheaper, price than sending their relative to a live-in nursing home. 

Gaye invites anyone who is curious about home care services to pick up the phone and give her a call: she’s more than happy to chat about all of the services that GEM Health Care Services make available.

To learn more, visit gemhealthcare.com or contact the head office at 613-761-7474.

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