Drive-thru visitations are back

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As our community continues to feel the increasing impact of the COVID-19 restrictions, Tubman Funeral Homes is finding innovative ways to meet the needs of families while keeping the community they serve safe and healthy.  Now that spring is here, the Tubman team is pleased to announce that they are fully equipped to host drive-thru visitations again for any group size.

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario announced that attendance at all funeral gatherings remains restricted to a maximum of 10 attendees indoors at any one time.  

“These restrictions make it truly difficult for families to remember and honour their loved ones with their extended family members and friends,” said Bruno Carchidi, president and funeral director at Tubman Funeral Homes. “With drive thru visitations, everyone can join the family in paying their respects.” 


How the drive-thru visitation works

Up to 10 designated family members and friends will be asked to stay under the sheltered area where the memorial set up is located. Extended family members and friends drive up to the sheltered area, pause for a few moments while staying in their vehicles and pay their respects and extend their condolences to the family. Each Tubman location will house a portico, tent or a combination of both. Drive thru visitors will be asked to stay in their vehicles and may enter and exit through a dedicated lane. The Tubman team will be available to provide direction to all visitors. They will also record visitors’ names to the guest register book, accept sympathy cards and distribute memorial records and/or prayer cards. 

“After a sudden death in my family occurred, we were unsure of the options to remember our loved one due to COVID-19 restrictions. After meeting with the amazing staff at Tubman’s Funeral Homes, we were given the option to have a drive-thru visitation. Our immediate family stood together as extended family, friends and members of the community came to show their love and support. Tubman’s did a wonderful job of listening to our wishes and creating a space with photographs, keepsakes and cherished belongings of our loved one,” said Chelsea Scissons, who recently attended a drive thru service for her family member.

At this time, Tubman is the first and only funeral home in the Ottawa area to offer this service.

“Families no longer have to delay their plans until restrictions are lifted,” said Carchidi. “They now have an innovative and memorable option to celebrate the life of their loved ones.”

The new drive-thru visitation service is offered at each of Tubman’s four locations. 


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