Mixing ‘the old and the new’: Lot 7 on spring home trends, new location

The interior of Lot 7 with bright chairs, pillows and mats
Lot 7 has moved into its new space at 1000 Wellington St. W. Photo courtesy of BobbiJo Doyle.

By Maureen McEwan

As Canadians weather a second spring with COVID-19, many are once again revitalizing their home spaces.

But what is trendy right now? BobbiJo Doyle, owner and artistic director of Lot 7, spoke with Kitchissippi Times about home decor this season.   

“I go back and forth on trends. Sometimes I feel that if you love it, and it feels good to you — whether it’s a wall colour, or a rug or a kitchen counter — then I don’t know how much a trend really matters,” she said. “But loving it in your space and really enjoying it, even if it’s not on trend, [can] be fabulous.” 

Doyle thinks outdoor spaces will continue to be the main focus for the months ahead. 

“People are going to be spending a lot more time again this summer in their outdoor spaces. So, I think that is a big trend,” she said. “People are getting their backyards all fixed up [and] spending more time on their patios.”

Doyle predicts that there will be another high demand for outdoor things like heaters, fireplaces, cozy blankets and plants this spring. At Lot 7, they see a particular product fly off the shelves each year: vinyl mats. 

Vinyl mats line the wall at Lot 7
The best-selling, dual-purpose vinyl indoor-outdoor mats at Lot 7. Photo courtesy of Bobbi Jo Doyle.

“We have these dual-purpose indoor-outdoor mats that have just been fantastic sellers for us since we opened. This past summer, everybody wanted to make their outdoor space their living room, you know? So that has just been fantastic for us. They’re beautiful; they’re durable; they solve so many problems; and people love them.”

During the pandemic, Doyle said that homes have become “multifunctional spaces” where activities like work, home schooling and other activities are done. To refresh those interior spaces, there’s a lot of options. 

“You might not want to break the bank, but you’re really getting sick of looking at the same four walls, or the same couch, or whatever, and I think it can be really affordable to just freshen up your space by getting a cushion, or a throw, or a little piece of art, or a ceramic or something like that,” Doyle said. “So I think there’s a range – from lots of the antique pieces that we have here that, obviously, can change up your space dramatically, but then there’s a lot of small and mid-price things.”

The slogan of Lot 7 is “modern, vintage, unique.” The business carries vintage and modern furniture, accents, housewares and more, offering “a curated collection that captures a spirit of exploration,” according to its Facebook page. 

When the business first started up, Doyle would often travel back to Boston to visit antique fairs and outdoor flea markets, bringing back classic vintage and restoration pieces for the store. But COVID-19 has made it more difficult to source the furniture. 

“We still have some of that, but it’s been a challenge the last year to source new antiques,” she said. “So I have reached out to my people, and have found some more sources, but I’ll be really excited to be able to go back to those shows and continue this trend of the kind of old farmhouse, antique stuff with the fresh, clean, modern look. For me, it’s always about being eclectic — it’s the mix of the old and the new.”

Lot 7 has just reopened at a new space on Wellington West after a three-month closure this winter. When the lease wasn’t renewed at 233a Armstrong St., Doyle said she looked for a new space in Hintonburg, eventually moving into 1000 Wellington St. W. (formerly Trove Fashion’s second space).  

“It’s just a beautiful space. It’s a lot bigger than what we had. I just love it,” she said. 

“I’m totally on my own here, and it feels like I’ve been able to really put a little bit more of my sensibilities into the space,” Doyle said.

Lot 7 opened its doors at the new location on April 1. Doyle said she was excited to see Lot 7’s loyal customers in the store again. 

“I’ve missed that, and I can’t wait to welcome everybody back and I’m glad to be back at it,” she added. 

To learn more, visit lot7.ca 

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