‘Room for everybody:’ NAK Gallery opens in Wellington Village

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Story and photos by Ted Simpson

NAK Gallery is an all-new showroom space keeping art alive in Wellington West as they take over the main street location that was vacated by the long-standing Cube Gallery last winter.

The NAK Gallery is a branch of NAK Design Strategies, a landscape architecture and urban design firm that now owns the building at 1285 Wellington St. W. The founder of NAK Designs, Silvano Tardella, is a purveyor of the arts — his desire to promote and share the work of excellent contemporary artists brought him to open the gallery. 

NAK Art Director Sylvette Briere said she is working on setting a path for the gallery that is a little bit different from the pack. 

“I do not want to work in the same styles that other galleries are selling; I think there’s room for everybody,” said Briere.

The artists featured at NAK include renowned national and international talents, with more on the way. Briere expects to receive work from as far away as Japan and Vietnam, as soon as the pieces make it through a heavily delayed transit. The variety of artwork and sculpture found at NAK is a real feast for the senses, with a selection of paintings that range from bright and youthful, to abstract, to erotic to surrealist. You’ll see modern techniques that blur the lines between analogue and digital, alongside classical and pop art inspired looks. 

“We want to be a little bit more unique, more exclusive, a little bit more on the edge,” said Briere. “It will always be contemporary, but with a little accent on the pop side.” 

The opportunity for a grand opening, meet and greet or a vernissage won’t be possible any time soon, but the gallery is open for the public to enjoy from Tuesday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, noon to 4 p.m. 

The paintings will change frequently, so there are lots of chances for new discovery with each visit. There is also a selection of work available for browsing and purchase on the gallery website at nakgallery.ca.

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