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In our #communityofcommunities, we take pride in welcoming new neighbours to Wellington West, but COVID-19 has forced us to change how we do that. We haven’t been able to drop in with a smile, an introduction and a chat about how they’re settling in. Since the COVID crisis began, a few businesses opened their doors – some virtually, some actually – and a few others have seen their planned openings delayed. We spoke to a few of our new merchants coming to Hintonburg and Wellington Village to hear more about how COVID-19 has affected their plans and how they are looking forward to connecting with their surrounding community.

Mathnasium of Carlington. Photo courtesy of the Wellington West BIA.

Mathnasium of Carlington started by launching their web-based tutoring programs, Mathnasium@Home, after COVID contributed to delays in opening their physical location. “We appreciate the community and everything they have done for us, all that we ask is that you continue to spread the word about our program.” ~Owner, Ola M. Shuman

Uppliva Sauna & Steam was scheduled to open in April, until COVID-19 shut that plan down. “When COVID closed down businesses and non-essential construction in March, we were in the midst of completing our spa build and fit-up. Overall, it has delayed our spa opening until August.” – Founder & Owner, Maureen Dickson.

Until their new grand opening, they have launched an online shop offering many of their spa treatment products, as well as a complete home spa experience. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram and sign up for their newsletter for updates on their opening.

Zydeco Smokeshack. Photo courtesy of the Wellington West BIA.

Zydeco Smokeshack just opened this past weekend after quickly securing a space and a partnership with co-owner Mike Fulga. Mike also owns and operates Euphoria Hair Salon and Spa and has been part of the Wellington West family for years. “The symbiosis between the residents and businesses is quite remarkable. I believe some of it happens organically but a very good portion of it has to do with the attitudes and interactions between the two; they both seem to care about the others’ agenda and are willing to help them arrive there. I feel very proud and honored to be in an area where there are so many great individuals and leaders to help vision, organize and manifest the culture of Wellington West.” – Co-owner, Mike Fulga

Blumenstudio moved their florist studio to a new location in Wellington Village just weeks before COVID forced businesses to shut down. 

Heartbreakers Pizza opened for takeout and delivery right around the same time that restaurants across the city were forced to change the way they do business. Heartbreakers was one of  the first businesses to start working with LoveLocalDelivery, an Ottawa-based food delivery service operating in partnership with Responsible Choice.

Joe’s Italian Kitchen started with a very popular spot in Almonte and will be opening a new location on Wellington Street West very soon!

This article was submitted by the Wellington West BIA. To learn more about local businesses, visit wellingtonwest.ca/

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