HOK #103: The McDougall Family

“Meet the McDougall family, a musical family who live in the Westboro area. Mom Deanna, a violin teacher, was born in Toronto but lived in British Columbia for a few years in her 20s. Dad Nelson, the National Arts Centre’s orchestra and tour manager was born in White Rock, British Columbia, but grew up in Toronto. Older sister Erin was born in Toronto, while Ella was born right here in Ottawa. The family ended up in Ottawa in 2004 when Nelson got a job at the NAC. 

When they moved to Ottawa, Nelson and Deanna say they had no idea about any of the neighbourhoods. They lucked out and found a rental property in Westboro. A few years later, they bought a house very close to the rental. They all love the walkability to shops in the area and the family feel of the neighbourhood. Erin loves the intimacy of the area and has her best friend right across the road. She thinks the Wellington-Richmond area is a great place to hang out with her friends. Ella loves animals and so being close to a dog park is a bonus. She also likes the fact that there is not a lot of light pollution around so she can still sees the stars at night. Nelson likes living in a beautiful neighbourhood and one that he can get to and from work quickly.

KT - HOK McDougall family 005

The family is very close. Deanna loves to just hang out and enjoys spending time with them. Ella loves how motivating her family is, especially her mom as she really helped her recently pass the level four violin exam. She says her dad is supportive of all the things she believes in. As for her big sister, Ella appreciates how Erin is always looking out for her. Erin always looks forward to extended family gatherings as she loves to hang out with her cousins and aunts and uncles. It’s always a fun time! Nelson says they are lucky to be surrounded by compassionate, empathetic people in their immediate and extended family, which branches off into both sides of their family.” 

Collected by Ellen Bond

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