Editor’s Letter: An edition of ‘historical’ proportions

Before getting into this letter, I wanted to talk about an article on the foot clinic at the Churchill Seniors Centre from last month’s issue. We’ve heard back from the nurses at Beautiful Feet, Ruth Scott and Diana Hood, saying they have received a lot of new requests for foot care. They would like to ask that people interested in taking advantage of the foot clinic not call the Centre itself, but instead call them directly at 613-798-4783.

On to this month’s paper. Without meaning it, this issue has a theme woven into it: history and anniversaries. It actually started more than a month ago, when the folks at MASC contacted us to let us know the art in schools program was turning 30 this year.

Then, we received an email from the folks at Snowed In Studio, announcing that the video game development company located in Hintonburg was celebrating its 10 year anniversary. It’s always great to highlight the local businesses in the area, and getting to know Snowed In, a great success story, was a treat.

It seems there was something in the air because, Early Days columnists Dave Allston came upon a great story: Fisher Park celebrating 100 years in existence. Dave always finds some gem of a tale, and this month’s is no different.

Apparently not wanting to be outdone, the Carlingwood Retirement Community wanted to see if we were interested in profiling not just one but three women who are celebrating their 100th birthdays! Of course we would!

What’s interesting is that we didn’t go out looking for these anniversary stories, they just happened. I think it speaks to the vibrancy and sense of belonging this community has, and what a great place Kitchissippi is to work, live and play.

And that’s why it saddens me to say that my history with KT will be so short lived. When I took on this position back in the fall, I had seen myself doing this for many years to come, but alas, life sometimes has other plans, and this is my final edition. A new editor, Maureen McEwan, will be taking over starting with the April issue.

Yose Cormier

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