Sponsored: The Open House

Open houses can be fun and exciting for both the Realtor and a potential buyer, especially when the home is presented well.

This past January, I hosted an open house for a property that I had only just listed a few days before. The home was relatively small, and the family of four, including two active boys, lived in every inch of the home.

I had visited with the owners several times prior to listing the property to discuss how to strategize selling the home, including how best to present the home for the sale. From painting to decluttering and getting all the unfinished projects complete, the owners worked tirelessly to prepare the house. We would discuss what items could stay, what would go, as well as how best to place furniture so that the home had a fresh, clean, open feel.

I explained that a potential buyer will open every cupboard, closet and appliance, looking to see how they live. What they see in those small details is how they’re going to see the whole house. For example, if a closet is stuffed with clothes hanging on a saggy rod, this could be interpreted as not enough closet and storage space.

Once the home was ready to sell, professional photos were taken, a well put together listing sheet was prepared and invitations were sent out to Realtors and their prospective buyers.

The first public open house had over 50 people coming through offering comment after comment about how well the home showed.

Three days later, the home was sold above asking price.

If you’re thinking of selling, talk to a Realtor on how best to get your home ready for that first, and maybe only, open house!


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