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NutriChem Compounding Pharmacy and Clinic understands that patients are frustrated and confused about health care. In turn, they provide efficient and highly effective choices with proven results. Their solution? Smart personalized medicine.

Kent MacLeod, founder and CEO of NutriChem, is an award-winning pharmacist with over 30 years of clinical experience in delivering patient-centered health care. He attributes his success by blending nature and science. He has made it his practice to simply tell people what they need to do, whether this entails a natural or non-natural approach, while always using the best science.

NutriChem’s team of gifted health professionals offer unique and individualized care that has provided great outcomes for more than 100 000 people over 40 years.  Their extensive practice is rooted in science and grows thanks to nature.  As global thought leaders for decades in health care, they do what works – not what doesn’t.

“For chronic illnesses and quality of life improvement, one pill does not fit all” says Dr. Tanya Manikkam ND, Naturopathic Doctor at NutriChem. “There is a population of individuals chronically suffering who are not getting the help they need…, For example, autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s or chronic infections such as Lyme Disease, require more than a pill to get positive results and each individual will have a unique health plan to regain their quality of life.”

Instead of guessing why their bodies aren’t working optimally and blindly taking prescription drugs or supplements, a greater number of people are now turning to NutriChem. Through their comprehensive testing and personalized health solutions, NutriChem clinicians are able to determine the root cause of people’s health concerns, and then make a customized protocol specific to their needs.

NutriChem’s body chemistry balancing (BCB) assessment uses blood and urine tests to study more than 60 biochemical markers. The assessment considers everything from standard blood count, neurotransmitter function, hormone health and gastrointestinal health to mineral and vitamin levels and nutrient status.

“After we determine exactly what is going on inside a person’s body, we design a health plan customized to their specific needs,” says Manikkam. This personalized approach means that patients have a targeted treatment that reduces unnecessary medication and supplements, ensuring that they get exactly what their body is missing, with nothing unnecessary.

NutriChem works with a growing list of physicians and most of its services are covered by private insurance plans.

For more information, visit nutrichem.com.


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