Sponsored: Registering for a Dovercourt recreation program means giving back to your community

Some 30+ years after the City of Ottawa agreed to let the community run the Dovercourt Recreation Centre, their commitment to helping people has never been stronger.

Dovercourt is a not-for-profit centre that operates as a registered charity and social enterprise. “It’s a true social enterprise in that everything we do has a true social and community development purpose,” explains John Rapp, Dovercourt’s long-serving Executive Director.

Most people know Dovercourt for their swim lessons, outstanding summer camp selection, and their instructor-led fitness classes, but Dovercourt also gives back to the community in many ways.

Every purchase of Dovercourt swim lessons, day camps, after school care, dance, sports, pottery, music, fitness classes, and fitness centre passes ensures everyone has the opportunity to play. All registrations contribute to Dovercourt’s self-funded financial assistance program and their Last Minute Club, which offers unused spaces in their summer camps, dance classes, swimming lessons, and so many other programs, to a network of social service agencies who refer clients in need. In 2019, Dovercourt served over 135 people through their financial assistance program and over 100 people through their Last Minute Club.

Regardless of financial ability or physical/mental ability, Dovercourt offers programming, help and support to ensure access for everyone. But Dovercourt doesn’t stop there. Through partnerships with others, including Carlington Community Health Centre, Pinecrest Queensway Community Health Centre, Ottawa Community Housing, local schools, and more, Dovercourt leverages community assets to support other local projects, initiatives and organizations.

As Cameron McLeod, Executive Director of the Carlington Community Health Centre, states, “Dovercourt is the gold standard of what we hope for in a community partner. The staff always starts from ‘YES’ when we come looking for support for our most vulnerable clients. Over many years, Carlington and Dovercourt have worked hard together to build a sense of community and make sure that barriers are removed for people who would otherwise go without access to excellent social and recreation opportunities. This happens quietly and families are treated with dignity while being welcomed into a community that genuinely cares.”

Dovercourt truly is “A Community Working For a Community.”

Post sponsored by Dovercourt Recreation Centre

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