Sponsored: Discover your Hygge

Ever heard of Hygge (pronounced Hue-guh)? No, it’s not a new diet or a type of exercise. Hygge, according to hyggehouse.com, is a Danish term for acknowledging a feeling or moment—whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary—as cosy, charming or special.

For me, our covered porch is where I first got my Hygge 27 years ago. I had sat down on the porch steps deciding whether this house was the one to buy. I didn’t like the brick colour, the ugly kitchen or the pink coloured living room.

But sitting on those steps, I had this warm, welcome feeling. With all of the things I disliked about the house, I had this emotional connection to the porch which told me that I had arrived and this was home. It was my Hygge moment.

Hygge is this intangible feeling that doesn’t always strike when you think it will. I recently showed a client a property for sale that I was sure she would love. It checked off all the boxes her and her husband were looking for in a home. It had everything on their wish list. The right amount of bedrooms, an entertainer’s living room, a gourmet kitchen, a great neighborhood and in the right price range.

I was sure this was the one but my client said it didn’t feel right. To my surprise, the next house we looked at. which had about half the wish list boxes checked off, was the one. My clients purchased the home and they continue to love it today. They found their Hygge.

So whether it’s a front porch or a place by the fire, I hope you find your Hygge this holiday season. Wishing you all the best for 2020.


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