Sponsored: Jump in for swim lessons and aquafitness at Dovercourt

We all know that swimming lessons are the optimal way to encourage water safety as well as being a fantastic fitness option during the cooler fall, winter and spring months. In fact, aquatic activities are great for the whole family, and one of the city’s best options for fun in the water, seven days per week, is the Dovercourt Recreation Centre.

Kids and adults during swimming classes at Dovercourt pool.
Swimming classes at Dovercourt pool.

Dovercourt’s pool is specifically designed to accommodate lessons. With features such as a beach entry ramp plus a variety of pods, it is easy for instructors to closely supervise and interact with students. In addition, there is a dedicated shallow pool for young swimmers to play safely and become water-wise. Perhaps best of all, the water in Dovercourt’s pool is always warm, just like the facility’s friendly instructors.

Dovercourt’s learn-to-swim program focuses on improving the three principle swim strokes plus increasing confidence and ability in the water. Instructors develop weekly lesson plans, which are reviewed by supervisors, and regular staff training sessions plus performance expectations ensure that your family receives top-quality, enthusiastic instruction.

Dovercourt’s aquatics staff undergoes extensive training and participates in regular refreshers on safety, rescue situations, changes to current standards and teaching techniques.

“Many of our senior aquatics staff are instructor and lifeguard trainers; they serve as a valuable resource for our entire aquatics team. As well, most of our current staff members have benefitted from a special offering, whereby if you complete your Swim Instructor and National Lifeguard Service training with us, you are guaranteed a job,” says Christine, Dovercourt’s Manager of Aquatics Programs. “We have had great success with hiring staff who have learned and trained at Dovercourt; they are very committed to maintaining our high standards.”

A variety of aquatic exercise classes present wonderful opportunities to maintain or enhance fitness levels for adults. Dovercourt even offers specialized rehabilitative programs, an ideal post-surgery or injury option.

Did you know that, in addition to swim lessons, exercise classes and recreational swims, you can book Dovercourt’s pool for a Cool Cat Swim party or a pool rental? It’s a fun and unique party option!

Fall session is underway (the second half of this session’s private lesson packages began on October 28). Registration for Fall II opens on November 12.

* Sponsored by Dovercourt Recreation Centre.

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