‘W’ roads get to know their neighbours

By Yose Cormier and Ellen bond

Anna Jahn, our Human of Kitchissippi this month, wanted to get to know her neighbours beyond the passing “hello” as she walked down her street. She wanted to build her community a bit more and help everyone get to know each other. 

Last month, she decided to do something about it. She hosted a street party of the three neighbouring “W” streets: Winston, Wilmont and Whitby (Madison Street would also be represented).

Instead of a potluck, Jahn and a few of her friends prepared all the food. Neighbours only had to bring chairs, plates and cutlery, and their own drinks.

“We served three courses and there were five families responsible for the cooking,” said Jahn. “We had a nice salad before with some garlic bread and then lasagna and a peach cobbler for dessert. I did a seating chart and we placed people anywhere and not with the person they came with.”

There were even a couple of counselors on hand who kept the children entertained while the adults could get to enjoy a meal together and, more importantly for Jahn, get to know each other.

“The street party was wonderful. I think Anna thought maybe 40 people would come, but almost 130 showed up. Anna is the best possible neighbour,” said Sarah Matthews.


Neighbours got to know their neighbours as they sat down to a neighbourhood supper on Winston Ave. on September 8. Photos by Sarah Matthews and Traven Benner

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