Sponsored: Fall fitness at Dovercourt

If cooler weather tends to chase you inside, then this is the perfect time to pick up a new or familiar fitness program at Dovercourt Recreation Centre.

With programs available for all ages, abilities and interests, there is something for everyone at Dovercourt. Are you looking for an alternative to your gym-based or high impact workouts? Aquatic exercise classes can deliver benefits without the wear and tear associated with some forms of exercise.

Dovercourt’s warm water is always the right temperature for both high and low-intensity workouts, and the ramp entry provides easy access. There is an impressive variety of classes for fitness, rehab and specialized needs: deep and shallow classes; pre and postnatal classes; strength and circuit classes; balance and mobility classes; and programs for specific conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, post-stroke, and more.

New this session is Aqua Strength, an aquatic workout focused on muscular strength and endurance that incorporates a variety of equipment to provide excellent toning and strengthening, offered Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings.

Expectant moms can stay healthy and strong with Prenatal Strength and Prenatal Yoga, while Aqua Prenatal offers low impact exercise that is easy on the joints and lower back. If you’ve just had a baby, there are many postnatal classes available, including daytime postnatal TRX and core conditioning, and spin and core conditioning classes. Both programs offer parents a chance to reconnect with exercise while also providing a safe place to connect and get fit with baby nearby.

Dovercourt also offers postnatal yoga and core classes. Designed for postpartum moms, this class focuses on core-strengthening and posture-improving fitness techniques. Pre and postnatal classes are a great place to meet fellow parents-to-be, parents and babies, and can be the start of lifelong friendships.

If you’re looking to get your heart pumping, sign up to one of their Zumba classes, an exciting hip-swivelling workout where African, Caribbean and Latin dance moves are combined with aerobics for a class that’s so fun you won’t even realize you’re exercising!

For long and lean muscle development, Dovercourt’s eclectic barre program combines dance, Pilates, yoga and strength exercises to improve your posture, core strength and coordination. You may also want to try one of their W.O.W. (Women on Weights) or M.O.W. (Men on Weights) classes to improve bone density and metabolism. Be sure to check out Dovercourt’s fall program guide. They have many early morning, afternoon as well as evening and weekend classes available, so fitting exercise into your routine has never been easier.

Though September is over already, it’s not too late to join in – classes are just getting underway!

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