Sponsored: Modern dental practice offers exceptional service and a culture of caring

For many people, the ideal dental practice is bright, modern and welcoming while also offering the skills of experienced practitioners who confidently provide exceptional care. Carling Dental is exactly that kind of place, delivering unparalleled cosmetic and family dentistry services out of a comfortable, cheerful new office. Carling Dental’s patients benefit from the unwavering drive for perfection shared by Dr. John Oueis and his team.

“Everyone who works here is exceptionally well trained and takes pride in constantly upgrading their expertise to bring new innovations to the practice,” explains business manager Rebeca Oueis. “Dr. Oueis has a particular fondness for technology; ours was the first practice in Ottawa, for example, to offer dental CT scans. We love embracing new techniques and equipment whenever we feel they will be of value to our patients.”  

Husband and wife team John and Rebeca purchased the business almost twenty years ago and quickly made a name for themselves at both their original Carling Avenue location as well as their Lyon Street office in the Glebe. “From the beginning, our vision was to keep our practice as a one stop shop,” says Rebeca. “We offer a full suite of dental services – including oral surgery, orthodontics, implants, restorative work, dentures, endodontics, whitening and more – all under one roof.”

As if more proof of the culture of caring at Carling Dental were needed, their office is fully accessible, a rarity in Ottawa yet much appreciated by many of their older patients as well as those with mobility issues. In addition, the team’s passion for helping children have positive, happy dental care experiences has led to another innovation – dedicated hours for kids’ appointments.

“During the one afternoon and evening where we exclusively welcome our younger patients, we make it very fun for the kids to be there together. It’s lively, happy and even a bit noisy and we just love the atmosphere. Kids learn from a very young age that coming to the dentist is a very positive thing and by the time they are in their early teens, many of them are quite comfortable coming to see us by themselves, which their parents really appreciate.”

One aspect of visiting Carling Dental that sometimes takes patients by surprise is the fee structure, which is as close to the provincially recommended guide as possible. Rebeca explains that when she first met Dr. Oueis, she was coming from a background where dental care was not a priority and she needed to have a lot of work done. “We made a conscious decision to keep our practice fees in line with the provincial recommended dental pricing.  We are hoping it will incent people to come and get the dental care they need. I am genuinely thrilled every time someone tells us that our dental services have transformed their life, just as mine was transformed by finally getting the care I needed years ago.”

Everyone at Carling Dental is eager to welcome new patients and show them how pleasant and effective modern dentistry can be. “A big part of the warm atmosphere our patients enjoy stems from the fact that we are a family owned and operated business,” notes Rebeca. “John and I like to joke that having raised six children together, there’s very little that we encounter at work that can surprise us anymore,” she adds with a laugh. “We are eagerly looking forward to welcoming our son Matthew to the practice in 2019 when he graduates from McGill University.”

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