A pair’s love of running evolves into a shared goal

The first group of runners at Evolve Run Club spent a little over two months training for the Army Run.
The first group of runners at Evolve Run Club spent a little over two months training for the Army Run.

Photos and story By Charlie Senack

Running can take a toll on the body, especially if you’re not physically prepared. So to help local runners reach their goals, including training for marathons, Leah Reinberger and Trevor Davies created a unique new group in the Kitchissippi neighbourhood. 

Reinberger and her partner Davies love to run; it’s something they do at least six times a week. They have taken part in races all across the globe, from ironmans to ultramarathons, and even trailblazer runs.

“We have ran from coast to coast, but my favourite thing is that we do it together,” says Reinberger, who adds they can now run up to 68 km. “Whatever you think you can do, it’s not even close. You can always do more.”

So when the opportunity came up to start a running group at Evolve Fitness, located at 953 Somerset Street West, Reinberger knew it was the opportunity she was looking for.

They launched a 10-week pilot project called Evolve Run Club in July.

Their first goal was to help train runners for the Army Run, which took place on September 22. But what makes the group unique is that not only do they focus on the running itself, but incorporate other issues like strength training and nutrition.

“Everyone has different limitations as far as what’s going on in their bodies,” says Michael Patone, owner of Evolve Fitness, who works with club members on strengthening their bodies.

“For us it was a case of if we could build a program where we are not just getting into the actual activity of running, but can we ensure that we are basically adding the best value, the best motivation,” he adds. “Also so we can help people begin at a starting point and improve.”

Kitchissippi resident Joel Stelpstra started running about four years ago after going through some life changes and deciding he needed something different in his physical activity routine. He joined the running group after wanting to create a better training schedule and become more systematic when it comes to running.

“It’s been a lot of fun and it’s definitely been a more methodical way to run,” he says. “We have had some really great workouts. We have had some good speakers come in, and it’s just overall been a really great opportunity to try something different.”

Both Reinberger and Davies say the pilot project was a success, and are now looking for new ways to keep the running group alive. They are launching a new 14-week session which begins on October 15, where they will begin training for a half marathon taking place in Phoenix in January.

“This time it will be a longer distance and the destination race is taking place in the winter,” says Reinberger. “That is the big draw which makes it different this round.”

As a whole the two say it’s been a fun experience getting to know other people who share the same goals and interests, and hope this is the beginning of what will become something even bigger.

“I think the biggest thing is the social component and support that is offered through run club,” says Davies. “It doesn’t matter if you’re having a great day or an off day: you’re going to have other people around who are going to help you get through that workout.”

Spots are still available for the 14-week sessions starting in October. Anyone who is interested can contact Leah Reinberger at evolverunclub@evolvesc.ca.

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