Federal update – Budget 2019: Strengthening the middle class for the benefit of all Canadians

Submitted by Catherine McKenna, MP Ottawa Centre

Dear residents,

Recently, our government tabled Investing in the Middle Class, the federal budget for 2019. We’ve created some exciting opportunities that will help build a better Ottawa Centre.

With Budget 2019, the government is continuing to invest to grow the economy for the long term, in a fiscally responsible way. Budget 2019 will:

Lower Canadians’ energy costs by investing $1 billion in increasing energy efficiency in homes, and city buildings such as community centers and arenas. This helps cut pollution, create green initiatives and give Ottawa Centre residents more sustainable and affordable places to call home.

Support local municipalities by proposing a one-time top up of $2.2 billion through the federal Gas Tax Fund that will double the government’s commitment in 2018-2019. It ensures that municipalities have the funds they need to cover crucial repairs and ongoing infrastructure projects. With a contribution of $57 million to the City of Ottawa, this will support transit, local priorities, and benefit residents.

Support lower income seniors who choose to stay in the workforce by enhancing the Guaranteed Income Supplement earnings exemption so they can keep more of their hard-earned money. 

Prepare young Canadians for good jobs by lowering the interest rates on Canada Student Loans to make education more affordable and making the six-month grace period interest free. Our government aims to create 84,000 new students work placements per year by 2023-24 to help young people build the skills they need for meaningful and bright careers.

I am proud of what we’ve been able to achieve together since 2015. We’ve created 1 million jobs and the lowest unemployment rate in four decades, we’ve raised 300,000 children out of poverty, and a typical family is $2,000 better off per year. Together, we can continue to grow and strengthen our economy and help build a more inclusive, prosperous and sustainable Ottawa Centre.


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