Federal update: Historic and ambitious infrastructure plan for Canadians

Submitted by Catherine McKenna, MP Ottawa Centre-

When our government was elected in 2015, one of our key promises was to make up for Canada’s infrastructure deficit, which was partly due to a lack of investment by the previous government. 

We knew we had to think long term and be visionary. We knew it was time to provide Canada with 21st century modern, resilient and green infrastructure. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to put together a landmark plan that will invest more than $180 billion over 12 years in public infrastructure.  

Our plan is ambitious and national but in reality, it is local. It aims to invest in Canada, but above all, in every community and every Canadian.

Our plan has a concrete impact on the everyday lives of each and every one of us. For example, our investments have enabled cities to purchase more than 7,000 new and renovated buses. More accurately, this allows users to spend less time in traffic returning from work and more quality time with their families. Our plan has also helped build and repair more than 2,000 kilometers of road, allowing Canadians to travel between work and home more quickly and safely. We have also invested in the modernization of more than 180 community and sport centers, enabling our children to have fun, learn and stay healthy. And we have helped build and repair more than 1,200 wastewater systems to provide Canadians with reliable access to clean drinking water.

In three years, more than 4,700 projects have been approved across Canada, four times more than the previous government for the same period. And in Ontario more than 2187 have been approved so far. And in Ottawa, over 100 have been approved since our government was elected. But above all, our plan helps build a strong economy that allows middle-class families to thrive. Since 2015, 800,000 jobs were created in Canada. And currently, Canada is one of the strongest in economic growth in the G7. Our ambitious plan is one of the catalysts for this economic and social success. 

In terms of developing our plan, we strongly believe that municipalities and provinces are best placed to decide on their priorities. That’s why, to date, we have signed bilateral agreements with each province and territory. Our plan ensures that the priorities of each province are taken into account in our decisions. We have streamlined the review and approval process in partnership with the provinces and municipalities to ensure that projects are initiated on time from one construction season to the next.  

Together, we will continue to strive for our communities because we know that modern infrastructure can attract talent and investment across the country. Together, let’s seize the opportunity, fulfill our ambitions and continue to build modern, resilient and green 21st century infrastructure.

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