SJAM Winter Festival photo gallery

A deep freeze paired with a snowstorm didn’t deter residents from participating in the SJAM Winter Sports Festival on January 20. There were organized races, a blazing fire, and hot drinks to warm up the participants and volunteers. 

KT sent Ellen Bond to capture the spirit of the day.

Stephanie Edwards, Sarah, Heidi, Laila, and Laurel “came to ski and to have fun, and to support our friend Groomer Dave.”
“Hudson raced and my husband volunteers for the festival. This brings together our community, and allows us to get out our door and start skiing immediately,” says Ivana Vouk, pictured here with Hudson Browne and Jill Yymchak.
“Events like this are important to get people our to enjoy this linear park, right in the middle of our neighbourhood,” says SJAM groomer, Peter Edmison.
“We came out today to ski, to enjoy some hot chocolate and this wonderful fire on the SJAM trail,” says Robin Middleton.
“My kids are ski racing today. I might do the mountain bike race and support the whole thing. I commute on the trail every day to work and back. I love that there is a safe way for me to get to work on my bike in the wintertime. It’s a dream come true,” says Arno Turk.
“My friend bought a fat bike and I LOVE biking. I just started winter biking and now I want to try fat tire biking,” says Katelyn Stewart.
Toby, Crystal Ferguson, Felicity, Simon: “The ski races brought us out here today. The kids did the 1 km ski race and Simon is doing the 5k. The weather today is perfect for the event.”
“I just bought a new fat bike and I’m excited to try it out,” says Jessica Stratton.


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