Sponsored: September FINDS from Wellington West

40 FINDS is a new project from the Wellington West BIA, shining a light on the quirky characters and hidden secrets that make the businesses of Wellington West and Hintonburg so special. Every week, a new FIND is posted, so check back to the website often and you won’t miss out.

1. A secret garden in Wellington Village

There’s a lush, gourmet, edible garden hidden in plain sight on Wellington Street West, and it says a lot about this restaurant’s commitment to serving up hyper-fresh, hyper-local food…
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2. Summer’s official favourite bike

Among the many curiosities and vintage artifacts packed into this cozy Hintonburg space, one bright red machine stands out for its deeply personal connection to Summer…
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3. A Hintonburg chef who secretly owns camels

Enigmatic chef Pat Garland had been working delicious magic at Absinthe for 15 years. But he won’t tell you about his camels. They’re a secret…
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4. The world famous fritter of Wellington West

This tasty little fritter has drawn diners to Wellington West from around the world for decades. And surprise! It’s organic, vegan and gluten free…
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5. Ottawa’s shortest menu: just one dish

At this Holland Avenue eatery, the owners take minimalism to the limit, with one dish on their menu. But oh what a dish! Or rather: a bowl…
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6. Two Newfoundlanders walked into a bar

No joke. These brothers aren’t shy about their island heritage, throwing a good party, or what they call “French Cuisine with a Newfie Accent”…
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