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It’s all about the personal touch at The Majdoub Group and owner Meiz Majdoub is one of the friendliest, least intimidating financial planners you may ever meet. This father of four, soccer fan and self-described “armchair quarterback” moved to Westboro from Orleans in 2004. 

Majdoub Group was first founded in 1998 and Meiz, a Chartered Financial Planner, has been a Financial Advisor since 1984.

“It’s the personal touch we have with people,” says Meiz, commenting on the key to his success over the years. “They sit down and feel they’re having a conversation. It’s not an inquisition.”

Majdoub Group helps families, business owners, and not-for-profit organizations with insurance plans, financial planning, income taxes, setting up group benefits, and more. 

Many clients are over 50 and as Meiz describes, “need some guarantees in their life.” Many people begin thinking about their financial future as they approach retirement, but getting informed earlier makes a huge difference when it really matters. Insurance is one of the services offered by Majdoub Group. Meiz says disability and critical illness insurance is key, especially for part-time workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. “There’s a fair chance something is going to happen between age 40 and 65 – cancer, heart attack, stroke,” says Meiz. “We are all concerned about life insurance, but what will $50,000 or $500,000 mean to you if you are not able to work? Wouldn’t it be nice to know your mortgage is taken care of, that you can put food on the table?” That’s the advantage of living benefits.

Majdoub Group is hosting free seminars on August 16, September 20, and October 18 about creating a Personal Pension Plan. It’s a chance to meet Meiz in a low-pressure setting and come away with expert advice about achieving guaranteed income for life regardless of market performance. Anyone who does or doesn’t have a pension will find his gentle guidance valuable and there’s absolutely no obligation. Contact the office to register. 

Financial expertise aside, it’s clear that Meiz really likes people. He’s heard many times that he’s easy to talk to. “That’s been my career,” he says with a smile. “I’m not here to sell a product, but to educate you about the options,” he says. “My door is open. It’s an easy place to be. Just come by and have a conversation.”

For details about Majdoub Group services, see www.majdoub.com.

Meiz Majdoub, B.Comm, CLU, CH. F.C
The Majdoub Group
141 Holland Ave.

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