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One look around Westboro and you will see quite a few homes built by the family-owned residential construction company, Paragon Homes. People looking to build a new home turn to Paragon Homes because of their reputation for having incredible attention to detail, reliable follow-up, and plenty of experience in all facets of planning, design and construction. 

Since 1988, Paragon Homes has provided homebuilders across the region with knowledge, experience and quality through their custom homes, custom house plans and design, construction management and home packages kits.

In addition to their quality, Paragon Homes also pride themselves in their ability to save the homebuilder money. Frank Murray, the owner of Paragon Homes, believes that by eliminating the General Contractor they are able to eliminate unnecessary costs, thus freeing up a home buyers budget. “We generally save clients in the order 25% net of our fees by eliminating the General Contractor,” says Frank.

Homebuilders who choose Paragon Homes will tell you they get a better built home that costs less to maintain. “All labour elements – framing, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, finishes – are taken to tender on the homebuilders’ behalf to ensure the best possible trades at the best prices, and we review this in tandem with the homebuilder to make the best choices.” 

What’s more, homebuilders who choose Paragon Homes are granted unparalleled freedom in shopping for appliances, finishes, flooring, light and plumbing fixtures. According to Frank, “these are quoted directly to them from the supplier of their choice.”

Building custom residential homes requires incredible attention to detail, tireless follow-up, and plenty of experience in all facets of planning, design and construction. As Frank explains, Paragon Homes’ process is unlike any other. “There are very few qualified residential construction project managers, and even fewer qualified firms that specialize in residential construction,” he says.

Paragon Homes
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