HOK #87: Ermindo Demeis

Meet Ermindo Demeis.

“I was born in Italy, almost 90 years ago. I moved to Canada in 1955. We came here to try and find a better way to live. My wife came first to Canada. I have seven children, 19 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. I have been back to Italy about 15 times. I went back the first time in 1966.

“My grandkids come and visit me every day. I make wine and tomato sauce. This year I made 500 jars of sauce. I don’t sell it. I give it away to my family.

“The secret to life is God. Everybody has a date… they have a day when they have to go. You have a day to go, and I have a day to go.” Collected by Ellen Bond 

Humans of Kitchissippi is a special street photography project designed to introduce readers to some of the people who live, work, and play in Kitchissippi. Each instalment of HOK contains three elements: a photo, a name, and a quote from the subject that reveals a little bit about who they are. View our collection of humans right here.

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