West-End Studio Tour scales back for 2018 (now updated)

Submitted by Choleena DiTullio –

The annual West-End Studio Tour (W.E.S.T.) is scaling back for 2018 but visitors can still expect to find some great art by a talented group of local artists.

The artists pushed themselves through last year’s studio tour and various personal issues – such as illness – have also affected the volunteer pool that drives this year’s edition.  

Like most studio tours, W.E.S.T. relies on participating artists to spend time working on promotion, organization, sponsorship, and other tasks required to pull off a multi-studio tour, and this is in addition to preparing their homes and producing art for the two-weekend event. When a significant portion of the group is unavailable, the group has to adjust accordingly. 

“Any volunteer-run group is susceptible to such situations. When you have a year where too many things hit too many of the volunteers, the work load just can’t be done. We have to simplify this year,” explains key volunteer, Lynette Chubb. “It was an extremely difficult decision to make. Our hearts are in our throats. It’s a tough pill to swallow but it’s the healthiest remedy for us.” 

File photo of Lynette Chubb.

This year, the tour includes six artists and a two weekend, informal, “open studio” tour to show their latest works, chat with the public about their medium, and perhaps do some art in front of visitors. No brochure will be printed. Visitors are encouraged to simply make a note of the artist addresses below and look for the familiar “WEST” signs around the neighbourhood on the weekends of September 22-23 and 29-30.

The group is committed to returning to the normal format in autumn of 2019. 

“It is extremely important to us to serve the public well by bringing them a top-notch show, and part of guaranteeing that is ensuring that our family of artists has the support and healing space they need in this really difficult time,” says long-time member, David W. Jones. “Those of us ready with a body of work will open our studios in a relaxed, impromptu show. Those who are not ready, have our support. We have to look after each other and provide a healing space so that by 2019, they will have had time for the reflective and creative thought that their practice needs to emerge from their studios with fresh new art.” 

Hailing back to 1996, the local studio tour is a dynamic group of talented artists in various media from glass to paint to sculpture. It is a special opportunity for art lovers to meet the artists and experience their latest creations in the unique environments that they create them in. 

Choleena DiTullio is a volunteer with the West End Studio Tour.

David W. Jones
347 Richmond Rd. All Saints’ Westboro Church
Sept 22-23, 29-30

Venz Vesselinov
320 Whitby Ave.
Sept 22-23, 29-30

Paula Mitas Zoubek
193 Daniel Ave.
Sept 22-23, 29-30

Lynette Chubb
91 Huron Ave. N.
Sept 22-23, 29-30

Margaret Sommerville
31 Warren Ave.
Sept 29-30

Tim Cutts
31 Warren Ave.
Sept 29-30

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